Programme Highlights

Keynote Speakers

Etzkowitz2Henry Etzkowitz
Senior Research Fellow, Stanford University H-STAR Institute

CaldeiraJosé Carlos Caldeira
President, ANI - Agência Nacional de Inovação (National Innovation Agency)

Tim JonesGarret
Founder & Programme Director, Future Agenda
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LaousseDominique Laousse
Head of Foresight and Innovative Group, SNCF

VullingsRamon Vullings
Cross-Industry Innovation Expert & IdeaDJ
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more speakers to follow...

Experience Innovation @ ISPIM

Selected speakers from industry presenting their innovation stories in the following facilitated themed sessions:

  • Strategy, Capability and Innovation
  • Business Model innovation in Practice
  • The 'How' of Innovation
  • Corporate Foresight - The Latest Thinking
  • Innovation Best Practice at Siemens
  • Addressing Industry’s Innovation Pain Points: Academia meets Industry

Workshops & Special interest Sessions

The ISPIM Grand Prize Final

Presentations by each of the 3 finalists of the 2016 ISPIM Grand Prize followed by live audience voting to decide the overall winner. Moderated by Kevin McFarthing with prizes kindly provided by Swarovski.

Innovation in Portugal Showcase

Guided tours to leading local organisations for delegates to experience innovation in Portugal including Q+A with innovation leaders, product demonstrations and facility presentations.

Details to follow...

Detailed Programme

Key Themes

    • Technology entrepreneurship & the Creative Industries (Focus Theme)

    • Innovating in traditional sectors (Focus Theme)

    • Funding and financing the innovation cycle (Focus Theme)

    • Innovation policies and instruments (Focus Theme)

    • Business Models (SIG)

    • Creativity in Innovation (by EACI) (SIG)

    • Design and Design Thinking for Innovation

    • Early-stage Innovation (SIG)

    • Innovation for Economic, Societal & Environmental Sustainability

    • Innovation Training, Teaching & Coaching (SIG)

    • Living Labs (SIG)

    • Methods & Measurement of Innovation

    • Open Innovation & Collaboration for Innovation (SIG)

    • Service Innovation

    • Strategic Foresight, Strategic Agility & Future Orientation (SIG)

    • Transferring Knowledge for Innovation


70 researchers, 12 experts, 1 afternoon.  For more details see programme